Empower your sales team

Gone are the days when a good salesperson was one who just worked hard and hard and hard all day long. In this age and times, a good salesperson is the one who works smart along with working hard. There are many things that differentiate a successful salesperson from a below average one.  While both the former and the latter are exposed to same product and resources, one thing that makes a salesperson successful is his or her attitude. You might wonder how to bring about a drastic change in the attitude of the salesperson. Here is something that might interest you.


Sales Grooming by Mukul Abuwala

Expose your sales team to training, grooming and development modules by Mukul Abuwala. Experience with different types of sales team for so many years has enriched the knowledge and perspective of Mukul Abuwala. This will certainly help bring about an attitudinal change in every member of your sales team. Mukul Abuwala has designed a training pattern for sales team that has been resulting in major benefits to organizations. The first and foremost change that you as a manager will notice is that members of your team are channelizing their potential in required areas. This certainly maximizes their productivity and increases the return on investment.


Personalized Modules

The fact is that every individual is different, even in a team. Mukul Abuwala has the aptitude to capture this individuality even in group sessions. He customizes the module as per the individual strengths and weaknesses, partnering members in a session, thereby nurturing their potential in the right direction for the right cause. Having been in the industry for many years, he has been exposed to different types of cultures in organizations, which has added texture to his training modules. Get bespoke grooming and training modules for your sales team, a module that is designed to match the culture of your organization.


Why choose Mukul Abuwala for your sales team?

Mukul Abuwala introduces interactive and edgy sessions for your sales team to make your business achieve the goals set by you. The modules by Mukul Abuwala are based on the real-life sales process; these sessions are advanced and futuristic. They include both theoretical and practical knowledge, making participants take interest and grasp more.


A winning sales team is all that your business desires. Mukul Abuwala’s training will make you more money. After every session by Mukul Abuwala, your team will be super-charged to achieve more in every hour. All the energy of the team will be invested in outbound activities, bringing more business and thereby more money to you.


Bring out the best in every member of your team. What sets modules by Mukul Abuwala apart is their customization. Every session is designed individually, considering several factors like the culture of your organization, requirements of your sales team and personality of the members participating in the session.


Transform your sales executives from next-door average personalities into super-charged go-getters. Training modules by Mukul Abuwala helps finding the right way for the participants. This creates the right results for you and your team.


What the modules entail?

The main objective of training the team is to bring out the best in them, so that they increase the business in the end. Modules by Mukul Abuwala begin with knowing every team member. Mukul Abuwala makes sure that strength of every team member is invested in positive outcomes. The session is such designed that you feel that it is an extension of your pep-talk to the sales team. It will definitely be in the language you and your team uses, there will be solutions to the challenges that your business faces and the session will involve the type of customers that your business faces. This ensures that the investment is fruitful for years to come and the results do not vanish with time.


What sets the modules apart?

The sales training by Mukul Abuwala is designed as per the needs and demands of present times. The objective is to offer you successful selling strategies that

  • help your sales team achieve more
  • closes new and positive business
  • enhance and maintain customer relations
  • drives towards retaining present customers
  • deliver benefits and value to the end clients