Marketing MasterClass for SMEs & Start-ups

“Marketing And Innovation produces results: All the rest are costs”, said Peter Drucker once. It holds true even now, however, not many companies have come to terms with marketing as an investment. Small and medium sized enterprises are still wary of marketing costs. What is not understood by these companies is that marketing is one of the steps that will lead them to become a big brand in the coming times. While marketing is not about the budget, it is certainly about the method the amount allocated to promotional activities is spent.


Here comes the role of Marketing Masterclass. It will act as an enlightenment on how to plan marketing and allocate resources in different marketing activities, how to measure the results, how to tap the competition in the market. This will enable you to marketing your winning tool.


What’s in for me?

Marketing Masterclass is designed for people like you who would like to delve deep into this 9 letter word and turn the tables for your business. It is a2-day advanced workshops that cover several topics that are relevant to present day dynamic marketing.


At times, you might face dilemma when it comes to marketing. Hence, we have come up with a series that is specially designed as an answer to various questions that you or people like you face in routine life. This will help empower marketing practitioners like you to overcome challenges. It will equip you with specialized skills, ideas, tools and several techniques to take your job function to another level.


Our training sessions are led by Mukul Abuwala, a well-known personality in the field with several years of industry experience in marketing and grooming. He is a subject expert and will help you understand the marketing tools by relating them to real-life circumstances and events. Here, you will learn and interact with people like you. The class-size of our sessions is quite small and this enables all the attendees to grasp from the trainer and ask questions that will  be duly answered.


What will the course involve?

Marketing Masterclass is crafted to empower and engage small and medium sized enterprises, by teaching them about present-age marketing. There are several topics covered including the problems that such companies face, right from budget planning to execution. A must-attend seminar for businesses like yours that desires to reach their target market as soon as possible. Here you will learn about principals of marketing and how to use them for your business. This Master class is available in both the format – Classroom Training and Onsite Training. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:


  1. What is marketing?
  2. Marketing Vs. Sales
  3. Principles of Marketing
  4. Branding
  5. Offline & Online Marketing
  6. STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)
  7. Digital Marketing


Will this benefit my business?

It certainly will. There are so many things that you will learn from the mentor here. You will come across entrepreneurs similar to you. And who knows? You might come across some new business ideas to add on to your present one. Miracles happen, but you need to hunt for the places that will make them happen. Benefits in a bunch are:


  • Identifying the several roles of marketing and functions within different set-ups in organizations
  • Utilizing insightful marketing tactics to understand consumer behavior
  • Strategically use the right mix of 4Ps of marketing for your product, services and customer wants and needs


Are you one of these? Then the workshop is meant for you

  • Newly-appointed marketers, product, brand, and advertising managers
  • Business professionals and executives who need a clearer understanding of marketing’s role in generating profits
  • Business Owners
  • Pro-active sales and marketing professionals
  • Management Executives
  • Brand manager
  • Event managers
  • Creative people
  • Trainers & Business Coach
  • Leadership Gurus
  • Industries
  • Advertising & Marketing Industry
  • Travel, tourism and Hotel Industry
  • Education World
  • Outsourcing Industry
  • HRD & Placement companies
  • Media companies
  • Event companies
  • Food Industry
  • Publishing Industry
  • Fashion Industry


We organize on-site workshop ensuring that you learn the best tactics of marketing while being in your own comfort zone. Feel free to fill the form in RHS to get in touch with us and we will revert to you ASAP.