What is Numerology

Numerology is the science of studying numbers and the way they affect your life with their aptitudes and tendencies that run according to the cosmic plan. The occult significance of numbers has its effect on almost every aspect of our life. The experts speaking the numerical language are able to read out the information of the world as well as the individuals. Breaking the patterns of the universe into numeric equations is a long practiced skill of the intellects.

Based on your birth date & birth name, a numerologist can unfold many mysteries about your personality and life- the future & the past. The ideal combination of numbers from your birth date and name can reveal the secrets of your life to perfection and help you mould your life plan with the knowledge of positive occurrences and opportunities.

How numbers affect us?

Numerology can be defined as the study of numbers that affect an individual’s life. Under numerology, each individual has its own number that best defines him or her. This number can help you in taking the best decisions of your life. You can determine when to marry, whom to marry, what job suits you well, when to buy a house/ car, when to move to a new city and much more.

With the insight of numerology, a numerologist can help you identify your number and help you make the best decisions of your life. These numbers affect almost every aspect of our life from family, career, love, marriage, and more.

Numerologists work upon your date of birth and birth name and thus derive the number that offers the matching vibrations for personality & life.

How can you change your destiny?

We all wish to have this one power that helps us have control over our lives. Who doesn’t wish to have a fateful life with health, wealth, success & prosperity? But, the destiny is the most powerful force that makes things happens. How if you can have control over your destiny? If not control then ability to change it as per your suitability.

With right numbers, you can do so. Your number helps you in making the best decisions. You can also find out the best time for major moves & events in your life. The number that resonates the ideal vibration for name helps you redefine your life in the best way possible.

Know Your numbers

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