7 secrets of a motivated team

TEAM; usually described as Together Everyone Achieves More is a sure shot mantra to success. The importance of a well-motivated team is needless to explain. If you have a workforce that knows how to work collectively towards a common goal, there is nothing that can stop you from attaining the heights of success. A motivated team is not only beneficial for the profitability of the business but it also affects the job satisfaction level of the employees. With more job satisfaction, employees are sure to give their best efforts in deriving the best results making a business prosperous. But, maintaining a motivated team is not a cakewalk. It takes hard work and strategies to ensure that the each member of the team has the same level of motivation and satisfaction.


If you are a business struggling to keep your team motivated, here we present you 7 secrets of a motivated team that is assured to deliver positive results:


  • Ensure you have a complementary team:

To ensure that you have a team that is productive, you must pair them in a way that their skills complement each other. Pairing two set of people that have a different approach towards work and stand on the different level of knowledge and skills is the worst decision that you can make. You must pair complementary individuals to ensure you have motivated teams.


  • Leader Involvement:

If the team is lead by an individual who is nowhere to be seen while the team is vigorously working on the grounds, the team is sure to be demotivated and dragged towards the goal. A leader needs to be continuously involved with the team to ensure the team is highly motivated and focused towards the goal.


  • Communication & Collaboration:

A team needs to be connected and collaborated to ensure productivity. If there is no set channel of communication, a team might get distorted and wander aimlessly. Open communication and strong collaboration make a team tightly woven and motivated.


  • Restrict competitive barriers:

If you have a team that has friction among the members, it may hamper the team’s productivity. You must ensure that the team does not have a competitive feeling towards each other but work collaboratively towards a single goal.


  • Let them talk:

You must offer a podium to your staff to speak what they feel. With an open forum to talk and discuss their problems and hurdles makes team feel they are valued and have someone concerned about their issues.


  • Recognition:

Recognition plays an important role in keeping the team motivated. While it offers a pride moment to the person being recognized, it sets a benchmark for others to follow suit.


  • Promotions:

Offering the team members a chance to grow is the best tool to keep the motivational levels high. When awarded a career growth, individual works towards the goal with full dedication.


These are 7 pretty secrets that help you keep your teams motivated and dedicated towards the goal. Ensure you practice these secrets and see your organization grow to success.




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