Start Right Now!!!

 Got An Idea, Do not Wait…… Start Right Now!!!

Want to start a startup, want to be an entrepreneur, got an Idea but waiting for the right time to come.

“Let me save some Money then I will start.”

“Will get some experience and then I will start”

“Market is bad I will start when things get improve”

“I am working on the idea when I have a PERFECT plan I will start”


These are some of the many excuses I hear from wannabe startups. They all have great ideas but an unknown fear is stopping them, they themselves don’t know what the real fear is, why they are procrastinating?

“A Great Idea Is of No Value till It is executed.”

You have the best idea in this word but if not started and shown to the world it is of no use. Have an Idea just start working on it. There is no better time than now. Do not procrastinate. As a human being we are against any changes which disturb our comfort zone. Most of us are groomed in a way that we start thinking negative first. Fear of failure, Fear of loss and unknown doubts and fears will stop you. Make pain, fear and doubts your strength and start.

“The Time is always Right to do what is Right” – Martin Luther King Jr

“Waiting for the perfect time is never as smart as making progress” – Phanindra Sama (Red Bus)

“Anytime is a good time to start” – Sachin & Binny Bansal (Flipkart)

Waiting for the right time has killed so many Ideas and Entrepreneurs, You wait for right time and right time never comes. “Right Now” is the perfect time don’t wait just do it!!!

So when are you starting Up???

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