Authentic self promotion to gain new opportunities

Self-respect, self-worth, and self-love, it all starts with “Self”. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value, said Rob Liano

Most of the times in our life, we wait for others to realize our value and acknowledge them with something great- a new opportunity maybe. But, what we forget is that it is “us” who has to realize what exactly our worth is before we go to the outside world to award us with the certification of value.

Self-promotion plays a vital role in our life, both professionally and personally. While personally the results are limited to better relationships and peaceful life, the impact of self-promotion on professional life is far beyond expectation. When you promote your skills, you enhance your value, and trust us; you develop new ways of promotion as you realize that you have much more talent than the plain skills that you have jotted down on your resume. Here is how you can start self-promotion to gain new opportunities:

  • Find a role model:

We all need a benchmark, and for authentic self-promotion, it is a must to have a figure in mind to which you wish to model your behavior. You can seek people who have high integrity, personality, honesty and many such traits. More positive examples, the better will be the outcome of the exercise.

  • Remind how self-promotion can be helpful:

No, you are not becoming egotistical. Self-promotion is about the positive traits you own and how to let people know about your possessions. But, to make a defined line between self-promotion and ego, you need to use your self-promotion for helping others as well as profiteering yourself. The more people you help the more your work gets attention.

  • No one notices you accept you:

If you are waiting for the authorities to identify your talent and offer you a new role, you are going to wait forever. Remember, until and unless you make them notice, there is no one going to identify you and offer you a chance to perform.

  • Be authentic; do not mask:

The self-promotion goes all wrong when you start masking yourself rather than promoting the true you. This shows your fear of not accepting what you are and making a hype of your skills.

If you are authentically promoting yourself, there is nothing that can come between you and a new opportunity. So, start self-promotion today and grab the opportunities out there.





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