Stop Doubting Yourself And Chase Your Dreams

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion for reaching for the stars for changing the world. –Harriet Tubman


Read it once, twice, thrice or as many times until you get it clear in your mind that it is only you and you who has the power to fuel your life. You must dream while asleep everyone does, but, do you dream with your eyes wide open? Do you dream of a future where you have a life that will be inspirations for others? Do you seem you, your near & dear ones and all happy in the future to have a life that satisfies the needs of all? If so, then why don’t you start working on your dream?


What did you say, you aren’t able to do so? May I ask you why? Who told you this? No one has the right to judge your abilities, but you. And if you can dream so much, then there is no such power in the world that could stop you from achieving it.


Self Doubt: an easy way to kill your dreams

It was so great to dream success but it was equally bad to wake up with self-doubt- Anonymous


Self-doubt has killed many aspirers who once dreamt of becoming successful. It is one feeling that rules every other feeling in your mind and soul. You can not attain anything in your life until you start trusting your abilities. Until and unless you have confidence in your abilities you are nothing. Self-doubt is a silent killer that makes you weak internally. It affects your mind by paralyzing your power to believe in yourself. The notion soon spreads in your entire body making you dull, weak, and self-loathing both physically & mentally.


How can you help yourself?


No one but you only has the power to save yourself from this destructive feeling of self-doubt. Undoubtedly a guide or a mentor can lead you to the success but it is only you who has to take each step with diligence and patience. What you need to do:

  • Meditate: Meditation boosts your inner energy offering you immense control over your mind and soul.
  • Stay focused: Do not deviate from your path. Once you have a plan follow it until you reach the final destination. Often changing plans in between leads to failure.
  • Strategize: You need to strategize things. Dreaming something and trying to achieve it is a game of efforts and strategy. Putting your efforts in the right direction under a strategy will certainly help you.
  • Stay Positive: Last but not the least, direct all your energy towards positivity. Do not let the adversities affect your inner strength.


If you believe yourself, dreams will choose you for converting them into reality.

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